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Royal Crown Offspring Eligibility

Eligible for Life

  • Stallions themselves and foals by our 👑 Charter Stallions
    • A 👑 Charter Stallion is a stallion bought into the program by the Stallion Owner (not an investor) in 2020, our inaugural year.
  • Horses that have competed in the Futurity
  • Any horse that has SOLD at the Royal Crown Sale (no sales are not eligible)

Additional Long Term Eligibilities – One nominated and sustained in the program without every missing a payment ensures those foals are eligible starting one year from the date the stallion enrolled.
Nomination Year = Breeding Year = Foals that hit the ground 1 year following Nomination Year

  • When a stallion is bought in, all ages of foals are eligible to run
    • Any horse that runs in the Royal Crown futurity is eligible for life.
    • Any horse that runs in the Royal Crown derby is eligible for life.
    • Anything bred to the stallion in 2021 are eligible for life. (ie 2022 Foals)
      • 2022 Stallion Enrollees make 2023 Foals by the stallion eligible,  2023 Enrollees make 2024 foals eligible…

Please contact us with any questions.
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Matt Zancanella 605-695-4797
Levi O’Keeffe 701-721-9248
Lindsey O’Keeffe 307-401-2555

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