Royal Crown Race

Royal Crown Open 2nd Go 8/9/20 Results - 1D-1 DeAnn Morgan on Colour Me Fast 15.050 $3504.00

Royal Crown Open 2nd Go 8/9/20  Results - 1D-1 DeAnn Morgan on Colour Me Fast 15.050 $3504.00

Royal Crown Open 5D 2nd Go          
1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.050 $3504.00        DeAnn Morgan on Colour Me Fast                 
   2nd 15.089 $3115.00        Maggie Poloncic on Aint Seen Me Yet            
   3rd 15.128 $2531.00        Kelsey Treharne on VF Eddies Alive             
   4th 15.162 $1947.00        Kelsey Hayden on BuhBye                        
   5th 15.167 $1460.00        Anita Ellis on RV Two Dash Ta Vegas            
   6th 15.218 $1168.00        Kallie Wright on BCK Spyder Monkey             
   7th 15.231 $973.00         Troy Crumrine on Fame N Perks                  
   8th 15.248 $876.00         Joao Leao on Lotodaflo                         
   9th 15.253 $779.00         Annaliese Allshouse on Genuine Diamond Dunn    
  10th 15.255 $681.00         Christine Derenzo on Jess Undeniable           
  11th 15.256 $584.00         Jill Atkinson on Upstream Jack                 
  12th 15.293 $526.00         Jillette Atkinson on A Victory Lap             
  13th 15.296 $487.00         Amelia McCumber on Aint Seen Famous Yet        
  14th 15.297 $448.00         Annaliese Allshouse on YO Fixers Gold          
  15th 15.309 $389.00         Tristan Parrish on Happy N Famous       
  16th 15.328                 Dottie Morse on Firen On Water                 
  17th 15.329                 Tarryn Lee on Sadies Ace in The Hole           
  18th 15.331                 Molly Otto on SixAppeal                        
  19th 15.334                 Marcie Wilson on Our First Goodbye             
  20th 15.342                 Molly Otto on Teasin Dat Guy                   
  21st 15.359                 Casey Wagner on Frenchmans Flit                
  22nd 15.384                 Darcie Moody on RGR Marble Magic               
  23rd 15.385                 Jordan Bailey on Frosted Judge                 
  24th 15.415                 Kelsey Treharne on VF Cream Rises              
  25th 15.424                 Tanner Shelton on One Famous Chance            
  26th 15.440                 Timi Lickley on Shawne Streakin Jet            
  27th 15.450                 Margaret Jones on Smooth Operraider            
  28th 15.451                 Morgan Beckstrom on Slingshot Lane             
  29th 15.455                 Anna Jorgenson on CFour Tibbie Stinson         
  30th 15.456                 Janna Brown on Leos Pretty Woman               
  31st 15.474                 Carla Beckett on Willie Hillbillie             
  32nd 15.476                 Taylor Hildreth on Dash Ta Fame Bardell        
  33rd 15.479                 Tilly Jenski on CP Minny                       
  34th 15.485                 Kristen Zancanella on Sheza Lioness            
  35th 15.489                 Keylee Zancanella on Miss Run On Fame          
  36th 15.491                 Cale Neisius on Bugs Wise Guy                                                                                   
Tie    15.491                 Grace Rooks on BA Lookin To Dash               
  38th 15.494                 Savannah Roberts on Jess Dasher                
Tie    15.494                 Brandon Stokes on Famously Painted             
Tie    15.494                 Lindsey McLeod on In The Nick A Time           
  41st 15.503                 Shana Gibson on RV Minion                      
  42nd 15.509                 Lynn Kohr on Golden Cloud                      
  43rd 15.512                 Desirae Wheeler on ImChocoJingleJangle         
  44th 15.518                 Amy Jo Reisdorfer on Bulleva                   
  45th 15.539                 Kelsey Hayden on Skippa Ice Breaker            
 2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.555 $3004.00        Hallie Fulton on Flashlight Flit Bar           
   2nd 15.558 $2670.00        Tara Seaton on Nitro Dual Boonie               
   3rd 15.562 $2169.00        Ashley Schafer on Famous Party Guy             
   4th 15.563 $1669.00        Julie Haskins on Famous Fortunes               
   5th 15.565 $1252.00        Ashley Schafer on Boonsstreakincolours         
   6th 15.569 $1001.00        Melena Osborne on YGW Smoke N Hot              
   7th 15.572 $793.00         Kristy Yerrington on Hanks Slick Design        
Tie    15.572 $793.00         Sharon Harrell on Bug Jet Can Dance            
   9th 15.576 $668.00         Sydney Jones on Famous Empress                 
  10th 15.578 $584.00         Terye Penrod on Famous FirewaterFox            
  11th 15.593 $476.00         Kalena Webb on Secret Ta Goodbye               
Tie    15.593 $476.00         Mackenzie Geesen on Huskers Hickory            
  13th 15.598 $417.00         Troy Crumrine on Fling N Fortune               
  14th 15.600 $384.00         Amber West on WR Southdakotachrome             
  15th 15.604 $334.00         Christy Hefley on Model X      
  16th 15.610                 Manchi Nace on StreakinChantsGirl              
  17th 15.611                 Brianna Melby on LF Famous Rush                
  18th 15.618                 Jordan Argyle on Billy Thee Kid                
  19th 15.620                 Reann Dinwiddie on Sweet Kinda Lion            
Tie    15.620                 Susan Hadley on SH Especially Smooth           
  21st 15.623                 Jolene Montgomery on Famous Sierra             
  22nd 15.633                 Jessie Kukowski on Moon Dancer                 
  23rd 15.642                 Landa Guio on Shes A Special Fame              
  24th 15.648                 Jordan Bailey on Gators Famous Judge           
  25th 15.650                 Calley Worth on DashForCashNCorona             
  26th 15.652                 Jordan Argyle on TinyTude                      
  27th 15.657                 Desirae Wheeler on TM Chocolate Cookie         
  28th 15.658                 Shelly McAdams on Kid Rock It                  
  29th 15.659                 Emma Charleston on TR Designer WildChild       
  30th 15.663                 Della Epler on No Boots On This Lion           
  31st 15.667                 Jerrie Slagle on Frenchmans Savanah            
  32nd 15.668                 Angel Rae Miller on Spent Trumps Cash          
  33rd 15.669                 CJ Vondette on Bea Shaker                      
Tie    15.669                 Jaycee Fausett on TJ Rodeo Moon                
  35th 15.672                 Victoria Netzer on Paint Her Smooth            
Tie    15.672                 Shyann Lucas on A Classic FrenchKiss           
  37th 15.673                 Sophia Nordby on AHR Brady's Sugar Lil         
  38th 15.677                 Lenna Peterson on Shiny in Hollywood           
  39th 15.678                 Jamie Gee on The Goodbye Kiss                                                                       
  40th 15.679                 Jolene Montgomery on Dancin Ta Heaven          
  41st 15.685                 Kali Jo Parker on My Royal Lydia               
  42nd 15.692                 Amberly Snyder on French Open                  
  43rd 15.696                 Timi Lickley on RQF Quick Fame                 
  44th 15.702                 Amber West on JJ Foulish Eyes                  
  45th 15.704                 Andre Coelho on Famous Lady Pistol             
Tie    15.704                 Kristy Yerrington on A Dynamite Goodbye        
  47th 15.714                 Mylee Welch on Cash Money Colours              
  48th 15.720                 Buffy Walchli on Jet N AroundTheGlobe          
  49th 15.723                 Jordan Bailey on Ima Boy Gator                 
  50th 15.724                 Valee Miller on AsGoodAsRowdyGets              
  51st 15.726                 Kady Locke on Smoke N Lizzy Lane               
  52nd 15.727                 Robyn Grigg on Dashin Thru Gunsmoke            
  53rd 15.731                 Andre Coelho on She Shakin Her Bacon           
Tie    15.731                 Halley Guthrie on Famous Just Standin There    
  55th 15.733                 Melena Osborne on Streaky Smudge               
  56th 15.740                 Mimi Argyle on Moons Prophecy                  
  57th 15.746                 Nancy Irvine on Guys Cashing In                
  58th 15.750                 Juddy Farella on Shesa French Charm            
  59th 15.751                 Bailey Alvarez on Shoot N The Bull             
Tie    15.751                 Selina Wiseman on A Master Disaster            
  61st 15.753                 Ryley Hasenack on Buggins Little Bro           
  62nd 15.754                 Tyler Crosby on Too Slick To Wait              
  63rd 15.768                 Kelly Bowser on Famous Blazin Boxers           
  64th 15.773                 Vauna Walker on Goodbye Lane Seis              
  65th 15.780                 Sheyenne Jacobson on Who Robbed Vegas          
Tie    15.780                 Tanner Shelton on PLS Dash Ta Glamour          
  67th 15.782                 Emily Efurd on Shawnee Ta Fame                 
  68th 15.784                 Heidi Tillard on Too Fast To Judge             
  69th 15.793                 Tana Renick on Streakin French Doxi            
  70th 15.794                 Tarryn Lee on Brimena                          
  71st 15.797                 Ashton Hicks on Honor My Fame                  
  72nd 15.799                 Angie Wiesen on Alero Classic                  
  73rd 15.800                 Taunya Crews on Tee J Cross Sabres             
  74th 15.801                 Kelsey Treharne on VF Im That Kinda Gal        
  75th 15.809                 Hallie Fulton on Boons French Stars            
  76th 15.810                 Bonnie Blain on Ralph E                        
  77th 15.815                 Angel Rae Miller on MyMyMonkeyBusiness         
  78th 15.816                 Ashley Worth on I Assure U Guys                
  79th 15.819                 Missy Givens on Fabs Gone Native               
  80th 15.824                 Elaine Hollings on Flying Smolce Olena         
  81st 15.827                 Briana Bailey on Flash Fame Bully              
  82nd 15.830                 Lana Sproule on Miracle Michael                
  83rd 15.836                 Brenda Walker on Frenchmans Marble             
Tie    15.836                 Jessica Rummel on Striking Starlite            
  85th 15.852                 Jolene Wester Jones on Streakin Louie          
  86th 15.857                 Savannah Roberts on MP Heza Frenchman          
Tie    15.857                 Jodelle Bitloy on Spratts Button               
  88th 15.862                 Sydni Blanchard on KSSB Buddy Sinclair         
  89th 15.864                 Teagan Gann on VF Stitched In Gold                           
  90th 15.866                 Jennifer Lewis on Starlights W Peach           
  91st 15.867                 Sierra Farland on Electric Monkey              
  92nd 15.870                 Jessie Kesler on Shinen With Whiskey           
Tie    15.870                 Sue Smith on Blazing With My Dude              
  94th 15.871                 JoAnn ONeal on Slingshot                       
  95th 15.876                 Joao Leao on Goddess Of Tres                   
  96th 15.879                 Sierra Farland on Driftwood Penny              
  97th 15.884                 Katherine Weese on Share The Memories          
  98th 15.888                 Kelsey Hayden on Kiss Me Rosita                
  99th 15.890                 Kara Olson on Dudes Bluebell                   
 100th 15.894                 Halee Layman on Dialin Heaven                  
 101st 15.896                 Taylor Hildreth on JL Siri                     
 102nd 15.897                 Karie Lyn Suhn on Coal Train Fame              
 103rd 15.898                 Kylee Murdock on A Fleeting Vision             
Tie    15.898                 Hallie Fulton on Simmer Down Judge             
 105th 15.900                 Davi Watterson on A Smart Guy                  
 106th 15.903                 Keylee Zancanella on Twice Honored             
 107th 15.907                 Kali Jo Parker on Dunit In A Hemi              
 108th 15.908                 Nikki Singler on The Sound of Silence          
 109th 15.912                 Shyann Lucas on Cooper 777                     
 110th 15.915                 Briana Okelberry on Cody's Golden Hash         
 111th 15.918                 Cale Neisius on Digarun                        
 112th 15.923                 Laura Lambert on Big Big Butterbean            
Tie    15.923                 Laura Lambert on StreakinfortheGuys            
 114th 15.924                 Vicky Taylor on SW Blossom Gal                 
 115th 15.929                 Cale Neisius on Easy Down Honor                
 116th 15.938                 Debbie Gardea on High Society                  
 117th 15.940                 Jordan McNamee on Frosty Stormwatch            
 118th 15.942                 Allie Shields on Too Express                   
 119th 15.943                 Cody Adams on Sheza Rare Dream                 
 120th 15.961                 Kelly Larsen on Fireball Guy                   
 121st 15.969                 Bonnie Blain on Road Tripping                  
 122nd 15.972                 Halie Rhodes on Reds Nifty Solo                
 123rd 15.986                 Kristy Roden on Smokin To Win Kaching          
 124th 15.987                 Gloria Philp on Little Billie Bailey           
 125th 15.992                 Kyndal Schley on AintSeenNaughtyYet            
 126th 15.995                 Angel Rae Miller on Chics Mishap               
 127th 15.996                 Kathy Campbell on Vital Fame                   
 128th 16.000                 Megan McLeod-Sprague on Smooth Dash Ta Fame    
 129th 16.001                 Raelyn Robinson on JR Special Lane             
 130th 16.003                 Patricia Bindl on Doxies Midnight Pepper       
 131st 16.004                 Nathan McCann on Cant Hide Cowboys             
 132nd 16.010                 Sandy Jo ByWater on JR Saint Patty Jewel       
Tie    16.010                 Kathy Campbell on Famous Wildcat               
 134th 16.011                 Jamie Christensen on GM Splashing Proud        
 135th 16.014                 Ashley Schafer on French StreakinTwist         
 136th 16.020                 Cody Adams on Famous ZZ Top                    
 137th 16.024                 Kylee Murdock on Marla May                     
 138th 16.025                 Shelly McAdams on Streakin In Diamonds         
Tie    16.025                 Kali Jo Parker on HighFlying Lucky Guy                            
 140th 16.026                 Piper Scott on Wheely Famous                   
 141st 16.030                 Angie Wiesen on Snazzyinbeautyjeans            
Tie    16.030                 Dusdee Shepperson on French Glits N Glam       
 143rd 16.045                 Allie Stevie on Devils Ghost                   
3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.052 $2003.00        Stacy Crompton on Dynamite Confetti            
   2nd 16.055 $1613.00        Andre Coelho on Jesse Famous Moon              
Tie    16.055 $1613.00        Amy Jo Reisdorfer on Glory on The Run          
   4th 16.056 $1113.00        Stephanie Newman on Frenchmans Kid Rock        
   5th 16.061 $834.00         Raelee Caldwell on Your Dashing                
   6th 16.066 $668.00         Kaycee Tidyman on A                            
   7th 16.073 $556.00         Ricki Grebe on Streakin Blues                  
   8th 16.075 $501.00         Amy Jo Reisdorfer on Mattie Myers              
   9th 16.083 $445.00         Chelsy Bray on Peek At My Fame                 
  10th 16.086 $341.00         Christine Derenzo on Heza Fiery Fling          
Tie    16.086 $341.00         Chelsea Shaffer on Four J PR Punch             
Tie    16.086 $341.00         Becky Halverson on SmoothAsAGirlCanGet         
  13th 16.094 $278.00         Darcie Moody on CD Topless Victory             
  14th 16.099 $256.00         Nicole Wulf on C Four Racie Ray                
  15th 16.109 $223.00         Suzann Bene on MajorAttitudeTaFame             
  16th 16.110                 Tracee Batt on Sparks An Stripes               
  17th 16.114                 Carrie Stark on Betshez A Cat                  
  18th 16.122                 Ryley Hasenack on DMS Tuff First Down          
  19th 16.129                 Valee Miller on Last Call                      
  20th 16.131                 Kaylee Leseberg on Twice as French as You      
  21st 16.137                 Shey Walchli on Letta Girl Jet                 
  22nd 16.146                 Nick Comes on Poor and Famous                  
  23rd 16.153                 Cami Bussmus on WPH Miss Latte Dream           
  24th 16.155                 Jessie Ann Chrisman on Zippin While Driftin    
  25th 16.157                 Jade Crago on High Road Ta Fame                
  26th 16.158                 Taryn Bruner on Pay Cash For Gold              
  27th 16.161                 Lauren Guntle on Hermans Smooth Jet            
  28th 16.162                 Lacey Morse on Maples American                 
  29th 16.165                 Rachel Cardon on Drys Little Flower            
  30th 16.166                 Jenae Ordeman on Okey Dokey Guy                
Tie    16.166                 Karen Turek on Strait Ta Fame                  
  32nd 16.172                 Carsyn Hibbs on Profits Raquel                 
  33rd 16.178                 Sandy Jo ByWater on JR Heart of An Angel       
  34th 16.183                 Kloe Nichols on Famous French Toast            
  35th 16.188                 Jennifer Lewis on JNS Miss Poco Lena           
  36th 16.192                 Janesa Lange on Pretty Smooth Guy              
Tie    16.192                 Raelee Caldwell on A Lil Dash of Vegas         
  38th 16.200                 Candice Losee on JT Famublous Frenchie         
  39th 16.202                 Erica Luzzi on Best B A Fancy Chick            
  40th 16.207                 Nikki Baldauf on Lil Lexi                      
  41st 16.211                 Mendy Beardsley on Fame OLena                  
  42nd 16.216                 CJ Vondette on Areostar Lane KNK               
  43rd 16.223                 Troy Crumrine on Blazin Boss                   
Tie    16.223                 Debbie Combs on Bullys French Mimic                          
  45th 16.224                 Felesha Smith on Chicks Shawnee Bug            
Tie    16.224                 Lisa Letarti on Jessies Peppy Shiner           
  47th 16.228                 Jaycee Fausett on Lane O Lena                  
Tie    16.228                 Jackie Rhoden on SL Enchanted Dasher           
Tie    16.228                 Taylor Hildreth on SadiesMakinMoney            
  50th 16.229                 Tonia Davis on Kings Misty Skye                
  51st 16.232                 Abbi Graham on Lajollas Boon Dox               
  52nd 16.233                 Elaine Atkinson on SD Get To Smoke             
  53rd 16.236                 Maddie Jacobson on Mia Ground Hog              
  54th 16.237                 Ashley Worth on BB Shake N Bake                
  55th 16.239                 Cami Bussmus on Shine N Dash                   
  56th 16.250                 Joao Leao on Flos Hush Money                   
  57th 16.253                 Bonnie Blain on Hazel 777                      
  58th 16.255                 Amber West on WR Wild Irish Fling              
  59th 16.261                 Angie Jones on Famous MS Kitty                 
  60th 16.262                 Kyndal Schley on Baileys Packin Heat           
  61st 16.263                 Kaitlin Schuck on Blaze                        
  62nd 16.273                 McKale Hadley on Bellas Bag of Bones           
  63rd 16.276                 Sarah Keller on Harlens Fern Bar               
  64th 16.278                 Tamara Baker on Ashalazoomin                   
Tie    16.278                 Ristene Courkamp on Dinkys First Fling         
Tie    16.278                 Kady Locke on Docs SS Camaro Cash              
  67th 16.280                 Jessie Kesler on Surfin To Game Day            
  68th 16.287                 CJ Vondette on Chasing Time Design             
  69th 16.288                 Lainey Olson on MR JB0915                      
  70th 16.289                 Shyann Lucas on Easanon Tres                   
  71st 16.290                 Stacy Dysart on Darkalley Rendezvous           
  72nd 16.291                 Margaret Jones on Pays To Be Smooth            
  73rd 16.298                 Maggie Poloncic on Designed to Be Fast         
  74th 16.299                 Kelsey Hayden on VP Tequila                    
  75th 16.301                 Kristi Brangle on Wranglin Starlight           
  76th 16.306                 Calley Worth on Guys French Lily               
Tie    16.306                 Casey Stichter on Perks Top Man                
  78th 16.308                 Lindy James on Preferred Disco                 
  79th 16.309                 Stephani Cole on SCSuperRichNFamous            
  80th 16.318                 Karen Allred on Aloha Sweetheart               
  81st 16.322                 Amberly Snyder on BW Fame Came Two             
  82nd 16.323                 Page Gurney on DJR All American Pie            
  83rd 16.325                 Maquell Madsen on Woody                        
  84th 16.328                 Craig Stritzke on Zipang                       
Tie    16.328                 Shelly Roberts on Im D Rio Deal                
  86th 16.329                 Briana Bailey on Rebs Classy Man               
  87th 16.331                 Tilly Jenski on PlatinumOnTheRocks             
  88th 16.333                 Diiger Cornia on Final Bully Bug               
  89th 16.334                 Stacy Dysart on Famed By A Rooster             
  90th 16.337                 Annie Okelberry on Jose Cuervo                 
  91st 16.341                 Tabatha McGraw on Get Cash Gina                
  92nd 16.353                 Jadyn Mortensen on Flit Miss Otoe              
  93rd 16.357                 Bailey Alvarez on Your First Rose              
  94th 16.358                 Bill Jenks on Austins Easy Doc                                    
  95th 16.359                 Sheena Hanson on Slick Designer                
  96th 16.368                 Lana Sproule on Firewaterbreeze Jones          
  97th 16.370                 Kenedie Balster on RW UnoImGood                
  98th 16.371                 Jade Crago on CM Nitros Kruser                 
  99th 16.382                 Melissa Bachand on Frenchmans Tuf Enuf         
 100th 16.387                 Jackie Millican on Smooth Moving Fame          
 101st 16.390                 Mimi Argyle on Frosted Fame                    
 102nd 16.393                 Afton Spalding on Jus Like Jessie              
Tie    16.393                 Katy Christensen on You Make Me Blush          
 104th 16.396                 Ashton Hicks on Tigger                         
 105th 16.398                 Timber Cote on Sugary Lane                     
 106th 16.400                 Stephanie Clarys on Driftin To A T             
 107th 16.407                 Jamie Gee on Pico For Fame                     
 108th 16.419                 Charla Ward on Lotta Pennys                    
 109th 16.420                 Jodi Edwards on Guards Smooth Slidin           
 110th 16.422                 Lana Rae Sulkey on I See SomethinFamous        
 111th 16.429                 Brandon Stokes on Irish Geronimo               
 112th 16.439                 Brandi Crowe on BC Sheza Blazin Fame           
 113th 16.445                 Lindy James on He's Mitey Quick                
 114th 16.446                 Kaycee Tidyman on B                            
 115th 16.455                 Jessica Lott on JL Boltaway Viper              
 116th 16.461                 Autumn Snyder on Guyz Girls R Tough            
 117th 16.463                 Kalena Webb on Blazin Summer Shandy            
 118th 16.473                 Valerie Elliot on Buddy                        
Tie    16.473                 Kali Jo Parker on Dashin In The Lane           
 120th 16.480                 Kami Bird on Striking Range                    
Tie    16.480                 Vickie Schwindt on BB Jerrys Whittle Wagon     
 122nd 16.484                 Jessie Altman on TT Zan Real Streakin          
 123rd 16.492                 Lacey Scott on Freckled Feliner                
 124th 16.502                 Kami Bird on Miss Lena Blue                    
 125th 16.505                 Suzanne Thompson on Yer Killin Me Smalls       
 126th 16.509                 Autumn Keller on TFour Speedy N Fame           
 127th 16.520                 Lora Nichols on Fabs Famous Kat                
 128th 16.524                 Allie Shields on French Ivory Guy              
 129th 16.530                 Karissa Phillips on Kidnap Cash                
 130th 16.532                 Heather Clayson on Ab Dun It                   
 131st 16.541                 Annie Okelberry on CSR Speed Com Mannyy        
 132nd 16.543                 David Allshouse on YO Fixer Faster Rocket      
 133rd 16.547                 Billie Ann Harmon on Rugged French Guy         
 134th 16.549                 Jolene Montgomery on Eye Want It All
4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.556 $1001.00        Tabatha McGraw on Margos Poco Roan             
   2nd 16.560 $890.00         Janesa Lange on A Smooth Movin Lucy            
   3rd 16.565 $723.00         DeAnn Morgan on Paid For A Fling               
   4th 16.573 $556.00         Teresa Peterson on DTF Peponi                  
   5th 16.579 $417.00         Kelsey Larsen on Parker                        
   6th 16.581 $334.00         Kimberli Quinn on Famous Music Maker           
   7th 16.586 $278.00         Kristen Zancanella on Super Moon Bug           
   8th 16.589 $250.00         Lainey Olson on KD Flirtini                                   
   9th 16.590 $209.00         Linda Hunter on Paid Prescription              
Tie    16.590 $209.00         Valerie Elliot on Murray                       
  11th 16.596 $167.00         Maquell Madsen on Holey Freak N Famous         
  12th 16.599 $150.00         Shyann Lucas on Astreakinmerridoc              
  13th 16.619 $139.00         Lori Papageorge on Pappys Smoken Pistol        
  14th 16.620 $128.00         Michelle Myers on Nickel N Diamonds            
  15th 16.634 $111.00         Tilly Jenski on Don't Need No Chrome         
  16th 16.637                 Dusdee Shepperson on Stockton Hill             
  17th 16.638                 Halie Rhodes on TF Frenchmans Yahoo            
  18th 16.639                 Craig Stritzke on DTF Moonlight Martha         
  19th 16.648                 Katie Fisher on Eyesa Special Toola            
  20th 16.653                 Lauren Guntle on Cheyanne Sugarman             
  21st 16.659                 Halley Guthrie on SureDammand                  
  22nd 16.667                 Chelsea Pillar on Dr Streakin Bricks           
  23rd 16.672                 Tracy Milne on Streakin Stinson                
  24th 16.673                 Siterra Magee on Gators Sexy Diamonds          
  25th 16.676                 Abbi Graham on MS Freckles CD Smoke            
  26th 16.684                 Heather Clegg on Rich J Lee Cash               
  27th 16.692                 Cami Bussmus on Boondox Dusty Rose             
  28th 16.698                 Kristen Zancanella on Lion A Little            
  29th 16.707                 Ann Okelberry on The Noticer                   
  30th 16.728                 Charity Hoar on Billy White Shoes Pud          
Tie    16.728                 Taylor Kramer on Goodbye Gidget                
  32nd 16.736                 Samantha McKnight on Ck Smoken Is Foolish      
  33rd 16.747                 Ristene Courkamp on TNT Frost N Famous         
  34th 16.750                 Lacie Vasquez on Cowboy                        
  35th 16.767                 Kalena Webb on Firewater Moon                  
  36th 16.787                 Mindy Clark on Shiner Best Hand                
  37th 16.793                 Kaylee Leseberg on Sharp Dressed Jigsaw        
  38th 16.796                 Teagan Gann on DashinCashinDynamite            
  39th 16.811                 Wendie Scheidle on Slick French Mimosa         
  40th 16.834                 Kelly Neisius on MP Honor This Ticket          
  41st 16.847                 Jessica Cornia on Ima Turbo Scooter            
  42nd 16.853                 Megan Matsuura on RSR Mi Robyn                 
  43rd 16.855                 Sheyenne Jacobson on JJ Kimber Lynn Frost      
  44th 16.858                 Bonnie Blain on Tres 777                       
  45th 16.867                 Angela Patterson on Dona Jocelyn               
  46th 16.880                 Stephanie Newman on Famous Golden Angel        
  47th 16.896                 Lana Sproule on Famous Lady DI                 
  48th 16.915                 Cally Leavitt on Diversion                     
  49th 16.925                 Hazel Wilson on Bad Penny Jo                   
  50th 16.927                 Alisha Wheeler on Dots Windy Waters            
  51st 16.930                 Ronni Chaffee on Notta Angel                   
Tie    16.930                 Shana Gibson on SG Funny Money                 
  53rd 16.943                 CJ Vondette on Meradas Dual Stich              
  54th 16.949                 Shaye Wade on Driftin Witha Corona             
  55th 16.962                 Nikki Singler on My Daddys Slick               
  56th 17.023                 Kristy Tomash on Dancing With Judge            
  57th 17.027                 Terri Cash on Hagen                            
  58th 17.035                 Steve Quinn on Sk Sweet Famous John                                                                                        
  59th 17.046                 Johanna Tomash on HW Travalin Gem              
5D Placings                                   
   1st 17.067 $501.00         Ele Hop on Butterwood                          
   2nd 17.129 $445.00         Tracy Milne on RGR Jessies Illusion            
   3rd 17.149 $362.00         Mark Wade on Badgers A Wheeling                
   4th 17.158 $278.00         Tilly Jenski on All Eyes on Sheri              
   5th 17.159 $209.00         Katie Winfield on San Bar Rozet                
   6th 17.161 $167.00         Heather Clegg on Hercules Got Guns             
   7th 17.197 $139.00         Vauna Walker on RV Ebony Design                
   8th 17.217 $125.00         Susan Hall on See My Sock AQHA                 
   9th 17.219 $111.00         Linda Kraft on Solanos Oak                     
  10th 17.269 $ 97.00         Talynn Paul on Coal Mining Drifter             
  11th 17.374 $ 83.00         Jessie Altman on Just Perkin Frost             
  12th 17.387 $ 75.00         Bryndalynn Abbott on Hunters Rally             
  13th 17.390 $ 70.00         Tracy Milne on RGR Noble Illusion              
  14th 17.398 $ 64.00         Wendy Pratt on DR Dun Bar Pepper               
  15th 17.482 $ 56.00         Mariah Stephens on Major    
  16th 17.508                 Chaislee Leavitt on Muhammed                   
  17th 17.519                 Stesha Tidyman on A                            
  18th 17.528                 Cami Bussmus on Cosmic Radiance                
  19th 17.529                 Cindy Witt on Boon Light Cricket               
  20th 17.650                 Candy Cornia on Poco Chiquito                  
  21st 17.666                 Chloe Edwards on Smoken Jo                     
  22nd 17.758                 Talynn Paul on Trigger                         
  23rd 17.768                 Lenore Martin on Peponita Of Fame              
Tie    17.768                 Tricia Guntle on Ike                           
  25th 17.795                 Karissa Phillips on Jiminy Cricket             
  26th 17.819                 Jenae Ordeman on SLR Woody Yel Timber          
  27th 17.824                 Samantha Hakala on JDS Sunny Summer            
  28th 17.827                 Shawna Letcher on Doin What She Needs          
  29th 17.845                 Teresa Morrell on SureNuff Ima Gator           
  30th 17.990                 Page Gurney on Lets Get It On Marvin           
  31st 18.190                 Janci Hannen on Charmed N A Doll               
  32nd 18.261                 Nikki Baldauf on Nova                          
  33rd 18.348                 Mimi Argyle on Frenchmans Domingo              
  34th 18.376                 Stephani Cole on SC Streak of Luck             
  35th 18.413                 Shaye Wade on Sucha Bully                      
  36th 18.459                 Shyann Lucas on HP Graceful Music              
  37th 19.330                 Charity Hoar on SHS Minx Blanton               
  38th 20.673                 Katy Christensen on Dun Got Bugged             
  39th 23.694                 Reann Dinwiddie on Lions Cat Lady              
  40th 25.104                 Michele McLeod on Makana                       
N/T    999.000                Mackenzie King on A Swingin Cat A Rey          
N/T    999.000                Spencer King on Reyvolving Loan                
N/T    999.000                Kami Bird on Slide N Chocolate                 
N/T    999.000                Sue Smith on Dashs Centerfold                  
N/T    999.000                Macy Bates on BI Streakin Jalapeno             
N/T    999.000                Terye Penrod on Shawne Sparks                  
N/T    999.000                Karie Lyn Suhn on Famous French Parfum                     
N/T    999.000                Gretchen Lehrkind on Fooled By Design          
N/T    999.000                Gretchen Lehrkind on Webb To Fame              
N/T    999.000                Autumn Snyder on Blazin Nonstop                
N/T    999.000                Kallie Wright on BCK Chase N Fame              
N/T    999.000                Shelly McAdams on NSM Bad Leroy Brown          
N/T    999.000                Gypsy Watson on Busy Jetolena                  
N/T    999.000                Marlene Wade on Flit Laico Bird                
N/T    999.000                Bill Jenks on Sadie Frosted Austin             
N/T    999.000                Jill Atkinson on JR Parker                     
N/T    999.000                Dallas Knight on Guys Its My Pie               
N/T    999.000                Jessie Salter on Havuk                         
N/T    999.000                Stacy Glause on Dun In French Lace             
N/T    999.000                Kristi Brangle on Nonstop French Fire          
N/T    999.000                Angie Jones on Moonlite Stream                 
N/T    999.000                Valee Miller on SoStreakinFabulous             
N/T    999.000                Brandon Stokes on SL Our First Prize           
N/T    999.000                Rebecca Kaiser on Catajuice                    
N/T    999.000                Kelcey McNamee on Pep N Fuel                   
N/T    999.000                Sydni Blanchard on VF Pico Stinson             
N/T    999.000                Babette Cary on Chiquita Shaq                  
N/T    999.000                Linsey Young on Playboys Easy Cash             
N/T    999.000                Julie Haskins on Famous Shawne Bugs            
N/T    999.000                Kysan Buckner on Chargin Ta Fame               
N/T    999.000                Calley Worth on JRT Lilys Cash                 
N/T    999.000                Joao Leao on Flobot                            
N/T    999.000                Stephanie Newman on Knock Ya Socks Off         
N/T    999.000                Stephanie Newman on Frenchies Easy Cash        
N/T    999.000                Gina Welch on Confederate Catt                 
N/T    999.000                Halley Guthrie on Smoke N Biankus              
N/T    999.000                Teri Bowman on Merridocsfrostedhawk            
N/T    999.000                Sydni Blanchard on MP SB Barbie Monroe         
N/T    999.000                Tracy Page on Melea La Jolla                   
N/T    999.000                Angel Rae Miller on Paint Me Dark              
N/T    999.000                Kyndal Schley on Brick House Dynasty           
N/T    999.000                Steve Quinn on Sk Streakin Ta Fame             
N/T    999.000                Toria Madsen on Dial N Zoom                    
N/T    999.000                Steve Quinn on Fixn To B Famous                
N/T    999.000                Tori Moss on Vodka Reigns                      
N/T    999.000                Tori Moss on Stick Ta Fame                     
N/T    999.000                Nikki Singler on Sioux Zee                     
N/T    999.000                Lainee Sampson on Whiskey Victor Bravo         
N/T    999.000                Shauna Felter on KYS Goodbye Fame              
N/T    999.000                Jaycie West on TR Dolled Up N Famous           
N/T    999.000                Melissa Bachand on Miss Smooth and Famous      
N/T    999.000                Taylor Nichols on Famous Son of A Gun          
N/T    999.000                Shyann Russell on BI Hexagon                   
N/T    999.000                Kelly Bowser on Mary Jane Slick                
N/T    999.000                Stacy Glause on FrenchColoursAFlying           
N/T    999.000                Jana Thornton on Smart Lil Streak              
N/T    999.000                Cody Bauserman on Aint God Good                                    
N/T    999.000                Valee Miller on Covergirl Fame                 
N/T    999.000                Helina Carter-Thomas on Berri Good             
N/T    999.000                Jordan Dove on Just A Guy With Cash            
N/T    999.000                Josie Hales on JH Lil Lane                     
N/T    999.000                Sydni Blanchard on SB Ima Slick Victory        
N/T    999.000                Suzann Bene on Frenchmens Klasy Pie            
N/T    999.000                Janna Brown on Jets Top Gun                    
N/T    999.000                Amy Jo Reisdorfer on Horse                     
N/T    999.000                Janna Brown on Spark N Lion                    
N/T    999.000                Heidi Tillard on I Am A Classy Lion            
N/T    999.000                Billie Ann Harmon on Me Flingin Diamonds       
N/T    999.000                Reann Dinwiddie on Lions N Ladybugs            
N/T    999.000                Casey Stichter on Royal Navistar               
N/T    999.000                Michele McLeod on My Famous Remedy             
N/T    999.000                Tarryn Lee on Hez Firein Ta Fame               
N/T    999.000                Kara Olson on One Smooth Gallo                 
N/T    999.000                Chelsy Bray on Cute Blazeway                   
N/T    999.000                Katie Barton on Wee Bossman                    
N/T    999.000                Stevi Hillman on DTF Texas Moon                
N/T    999.000                Katie Barton on Playguns Best Asset            
N/T    999.000                Jamie Donnelly on HubbaBubbaBlanton            
N/T    999.000                Cathy Morgan on Jets Blazin Fame               
N/T    999.000                Janci Hannen on Guy With SpeedNClass           
N/T    999.000                Sandra Allshouse on YO Fixern Faster Bucks     
N/T    999.000                Jessie Ann Chrisman on Valentines Noted End    
N/T    999.000                Molly Otto on No Lion Shes Flying              
N/T    999.000                Shelly McAdams on NSM Bullet Proof             
N/T    999.000                Taryn Bruner on WPH Images French Gold         
N/T    999.000                Jackie Young on LS MR Goodbye Banjo            
N/T    999.000                Marcie Wilson on MJ Lola Lane                  
N/T    999.000                Marcie Wilson on MJ Night Train Lane           
N/T    999.000                Craig Stritzke on DTF Try To Catch Me          
N/T    999.000                Vauna Walker on CBC Speeding Goodbye           
N/T    999.000                Ashley Schafer on Positively Streakin          
N/T    999.000                Darcie Moody on Pocket Full of Candy           
N/T    999.000                Allie Stevie on Storm Proof                    
N/T    999.000                Carla Beckett on Righteous Rocket              
N/T    999.000                Selina Wiseman on KN Crossroads                
N/T    999.000                Brandi Crowe on BC Blazin Jet Special          
N/T    999.000                Kelly Bowser on Ziggy Zoomba                   
N/T    999.000                Danielle Bowser on Evidence of Arson           
N/T    999.000                Siterra Magee on Miss Frickalicious            
N/T    999.000                Fonda Melby on RF Chrome In Black              
N/T    999.000                Gloria Philp on A Smooth Lucy Lou              
N/T    999.000                Desirae Wheeler on TM Flashy Pebbles           
N/T    999.000                Taylor Hildreth on Lil French Streak           
N/T    999.000                Jolene Montgomery on KN This Guys Streakin     
N/T    999.000                Makayla Seely on Give M A Whoopin              
N/T    999.000                Brenda Sims on Hiccups Easy Mission            
N/T    999.000                Troy Crumrine on SR Industry Titan                               
N/T    999.000                Kallee Munns on Goodbye Tax Man                
N/T    999.000                Troy Crumrine on RSL Remember My Frame         
N/T    999.000                Lainee Sampson on She Pays The Piper           
N/T    999.000                Olivia Scholle on Sky                          
N/T    999.000                Keylee Zancanella on Im Kinda Famous           
N/T    999.000                Karsyn West on DS Cowgirls Boomin              
N/T    999.000                Kailie Alcorn on Lil Red Frost                 
N/T    999.000                Kailie Alcorn on Ginger                        
N/T    999.000                Paige Balster on SH Godumplen                  
N/T    999.000                Ele Hop on Double Whootie                      
N/T    999.000                Kim Kammenzind on Ninnekahs Guy                
N/T    999.000                Laura Lambert on PT Dashing Casanova           
N/T    999.000                Talynn Paul on SG Zan Goldseeker               
N/T    999.000                Sydney Jones on Shes Packin Dynamite           
N/T    999.000                Billie Ann Harmon on Mitey PitStopinVegas      
N/T    999.000                Abby Zellar on Slip Me Sum Wood                
N/T    999.000                Mimi Argyle on Frenchmans Fiesta               
N/T    999.000                Alisha Wheeler on Smokeflashimgone             
N/T    999.000                Tonia Davis on Blue Pogonip Society            
N/T    999.000                Alisha Wheeler on TM Conclusive                
N/T    999.000                Mendy Beardsley on DTF Royale                  
N/T    999.000                Ashley Erickson on Docs Diablo Star            
N/T    999.000                Gracie Beckstrom on CM Waitin on Lane          
N/T    999.000                Gracie Beckstrom on Guys Famous Bombshell      
N/T    999.000                Michelle Spor on Do Striker Tator Two          
N/T    999.000                Grace Rooks on Quicks Last One                 
N/T    999.000                Candy Cornia on Idas First Fling               
N/T    999.000                Maddie Jacobson on JKR Dashs Best Jet          
N/T    999.000                Piper Scott on Zoomen By                       
N/T    999.000                Melissa McDonald on Country Chew Chew          
N/T    999.000                Josee Lundvall on Golden French Girl           
N/T    999.000                Mylie Edwards on Tommy Boy                     
N/T    999.000                Taylor Allen on Right Classy Moves             
N/T    999.000                Paige Savarese on Six Rubies                   
N/T    999.000                McKale Hadley on MH Chasin Debonair            
N/T    999.000                Sarah Sutherland on Primrose Fame              
N/T    999.000                Sarah Sutherland on DL Miss Bold Ruler         
N/T    999.000                RaeLee Hill on Frenchman Maybelline            
N/T    999.000                Teresa Morrell on CalibCashDatCheck            
SCR    999.000                Stephanie Clarys on First Gambler              
N/T    999.000                Katie Winfield on Sundea Fulla Skoke           
N/T    999.000                Shae Bray on Lions Little Legend               
N/T    999.000                Stevie Taylor on Mack Boom                     
N/T    999.000                Stevie Taylor on Clancy                        
N/T    999.000                Cindy Witt on Mighty Mighty April              
N/T    999.000                Megan Pratt on Nike                            
N/T    999.000                Kallee Munns on Henry 17                       


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