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Royal Crown Youth 2nd Go Results and video of Dottie Morse on Firen On Water 15.328 $805.00 1D 1st

 Royal Crown Youth 4D 2nd Go                                                
1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.328 $805.00         Dottie Morse on Firen On Water                 
   2nd 15.451 $690.00         Morgan Beckstrom on Slingshot Lane             
   3rd 15.489 $546.00         Keylee Zancanella on Miss Run On Fame          
   4th 15.491 $331.00         Grace Rooks on BA Lookin To Dash               
Tie    15.491 $331.00         Cale Neisius on Bugs Wise Guy                  
   6th 15.494 $173.00         Savannah Roberts on Jess Dasher                
   7th 15.576                 Sydney Jones on Famous Empress                 
   8th 15.593                 Mackenzie Geesen on Huskers Hickory            
   9th 15.673                 Sophia Nordby on AHR Brady's Sugar Lil         
  10th 15.677                 Lenna Peterson on Shiny in Hollywood           
  11th 15.714                 Mylee Welch on Cash Money Colours              
  12th 15.750                 Juddy Farella on Shesa French Charm            
  13th 15.797                 Ashton Hicks on Honor My Fame                  
2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.857 $725.00         Savannah Roberts on MP Heza Frenchman          
   2nd 15.864 $621.00         Teagan Gann on VF Stitched In Gold             
   3rd 15.867 $492.00         Sierra Farland on Electric Monkey              
   4th 15.879 $362.00         Sierra Farland on Driftwood Penny              
   5th 15.884 $233.00         Katherine Weese on Share The Memories          
   6th 15.903 $155.00         Keylee Zancanella on Twice Honored             
   7th 15.918                 Cale Neisius on Digarun                        
   8th 15.929                 Cale Neisius on Easy Down Honor                
   9th 15.942                 Allie Shields on Too Express                   
  10th 16.004                 Morgan Watts on BW Landuns Delite              
  11th 16.026                 Piper Scott on Wheely Famous                   
  12th 16.061                 Raelee Caldwell on Your Dashing                
  13th 16.131                 Kaylee Leseberg on Twice as French as You      
  14th 16.133                 Lenna Peterson on DTF Peponi                   
  15th 16.172                 Carsyn Hibbs on Profits Raquel                 
  16th 16.183                 Kloe Nichols on Famous French Toast            
  17th 16.192                 Raelee Caldwell on A Lil Dash of Vegas         
  18th 16.232                 Abbi Graham on Lajollas Boon Dox               
  19th 16.236                 Maddie Jacobson on Mia Ground Hog              
  20th 16.254                 Shahayla Suhn on Famous French Parfum          
  21st 16.288                 Lainey Olson on MR JB0915                      
  22nd 16.325                 Maquell Madsen on Woody                        

3D Placings                 
   1st 16.337 $617.00         Annie Okelberry on Jose Cuervo                 
   2nd 16.353 $529.00         Jadyn Mortensen on Flit Miss Otoe              
   3rd 16.370 $419.00         Kenedie Balster on RW UnoImGood                
   4th 16.396 $309.00         Ashton Hicks on Tigger                         
   5th 16.398 $198.00         Timber Cote on Sugary Lane                     
   6th 16.408 $132.00         Talynn Paul on SG Zan Goldseeker               
   7th 16.524                 Allie Shields on French Ivory Guy              
   8th 16.541                 Annie Okelberry on CSR Speed Com Mannyy        
   9th 16.552                 Cheyenne Clinton on Driftwood Maxima           
  10th 16.589                 Lainey Olson on KD Flirtini                    
  11th 16.596                 Maquell Madsen on Holey Freak N Famous         
  12th 16.620                 Michelle Myers on Nickel N Diamonds            
  13th 16.648                 Katie Fisher on Eyesa Special Toola            
  14th 16.676                 Abbi Graham on MS Freckles CD Smoke            
  15th 16.750                 Lacie Vasquez on Cowboy                        
  16th 16.793                 Kaylee Leseberg on Sharp Dressed Jigsaw        
  17th 16.796                 Teagan Gann on DashinCashinDynamite            
4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.843 $537.00         Morgan Watts on JPS Senorita Rio               
   2nd 16.925 $460.00         Hazel Wilson on Bad Penny Jo                   
   3rd 16.927 $364.00         Alisha Wheeler on Dots Windy Waters            
   4th 17.046 $268.00         Johanna Tomash on HW Travalin Gem              
   5th 17.198 $173.00         Peyton Simmons on Peptos Drift                 
   6th 17.335 $115.00         Tiayla Suhn on Rainman                         
   7th 17.387                 Bryndalynn Abbott on Hunters Rally             
   8th 17.482                 Mariah Stephens on Major                       
   9th 17.508                 Chaislee Leavitt on Muhammed                   
  10th 17.519                 Stesha Tidyman on A                            
  11th 17.606                 Talynn Paul on Coal Mining Drifter             
  12th 17.656                 Brookell Crompton on Hottie                    
  13th 17.666                 Chloe Edwards on Smoken Jo                     
  14th 18.211                 Mariah Stephens on Up Your App                 
  15th 20.450                 Riley Dean on Cuties Frenchman                 
  16th 23.285                 Elzie Clegg on Prize Aintapaint                
N/T    999.000                Keylee Zancanella on Im Kinda Famous           
N/T    999.000                Talynn Paul on Trigger                         
N/T    999.000                Sydney Jones on Shes Packin Dynamite           
N/T    999.000                Alisha Wheeler on Smokeflashimgone             
N/T    999.000                Kailie Alcorn on Lil Red Frost                 
N/T    999.000                Paige Balster on SH Godumplen                  
N/T    999.000                Juddy Farella on Mattie Myers                  
N/T    999.000                Gracie Beckstrom on CM Waitin on Lane          
N/T    999.000                Gracie Beckstrom on Guys Famous Bombshell      
N/T    999.000                Karsyn West on DS Cowgirls Boomin              
N/T    999.000                Cash McPherson on Stellas Dusty Lynx           
N/T    999.000                Kailie Alcorn on Ginger                        
N/T    999.000                Sydney Murrell on Catajuice                    
N/T    999.000                Grace Rooks on Quicks Last One                 
N/T    999.000                Maddie Jacobson on JKR Dashs Best Jet                                 
N/T    999.000                Piper Scott on Zoomen By                       
N/T    999.000                Mylie Edwards on Tommy Boy                     
N/T    999.000                Alisha Wheeler on TM Conclusive                
N/T    999.000                Autumn Farland on Peppy Lena Sugar Bugs        
N/T    999.000                Lacie Vasquez on T Heart Rukus                 
N/T    999.000                Katie Jo Billman on Andy                       


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