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Royal Crown Futurity 2nd Go Results, Congratulations Kelsey Treharne and VF Eddies Alive 15.128 $13200

Royal Crown Futurity 2nd Go Results, Congratulations Kelsey Treharne and VF Eddies Alive 15.128 $13200

Royal Ground Futurity 2nd Go 8/9/20
1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.128 $13200.0        Kelsey Treharne on VF Eddies Alive             
   2nd 15.167 $11880.0        Anita Ellis on RV Two Dash Ta Vegas            
   3rd 15.342 $10560.0        Molly Otto on Teasin Dat Guy                   
   4th 15.388 $9240.00        Mitzi Duke on Ima Bully Lioness                
   5th 15.415 $7920.00        Kelsey Treharne on VF Cream Rises              
   6th 15.440 $6600.00        Timi Lickley on Shawne Streakin Jet            
   7th 15.450 $5280.00        Margaret Jones on Smooth Operraider            
   8th 15.476 $3960.00        Taylor Hildreth on Dash Ta Fame Bardell        
   9th 15.494 $2640.00        Lindsey McLeod on In The Nick A Time           
  10th 15.509 $1320.00        Lynn Kohr on Golden Cloud                      
  11th 15.512                 Desirae Wheeler on ImChocoJingleJangle         
  12th 15.562                 Ashley Schafer on Famous Party Guy             
  13th 15.565                 Ashley Schafer on Boonsstreakincolours         
  14th 15.572                 Kristy Yerrington on Hanks Slick Design        
  15th 15.598                 Troy Crumrine on Fling N Fortune               
  16th 15.604                 Christy Hefley on Model X                      
  17th 15.623                 Jolene Montgomery on Famous Sierra             
  18th 15.642                 Landa Guio on Shes A Special Fame              
  19th 15.659                 Emma Charleston on TR Designer WildChild       
  20th 15.668                 Angel Rae Miller on Spent Trumps Cash          
  21st 15.672                 Victoria Netzer on Paint Her Smooth            
  22nd 15.679                 Jolene Montgomery on Dancin Ta Heaven          
  23rd 15.720                 Buffy Walchli on Jet N AroundTheGlobe          
  24th 15.723                 Jordan Bailey on Ima Boy Gator                 
  25th 15.731                 Andre Coelho on She Shakin Her Bacon           
  26th 15.768                 Kelly Bowser on Famous Blazin Boxers           
  27th 15.773                 Vauna Walker on Goodbye Lane Seis              
  28th 15.780                 Tanner Shelton on PLS Dash Ta Glamour          
Tie    15.780                 Sheyenne Jacobson on Who Robbed Vegas          
  30th 15.782                 Emily Efurd on Shawnee Ta Fame                 
  31st 15.793                 Tana Renick on Streakin French Doxi            
  32nd 15.794                 Tarryn Lee on Brimena                          
  33rd 15.809                 Hallie Fulton on Boons French Stars            
  34th 15.870                 Sue Smith on Blazing With My Dude              
2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.894 $3300.00        Halee Layman on Dialin Heaven                  
   2nd 15.896 $2970.00        Taylor Hildreth on JL Siri                     
   3rd 15.900 $2640.00        Davi Watterson on A Smart Guy                  
   4th 15.912 $2310.00        Shyann Lucas on Cooper 777                     
   5th 15.961 $1980.00        Kelly Larsen on Fireball Guy                   
   6th 15.992 $1650.00        Kyndal Schley on AintSeenNaughtyYet            
   7th 15.995 $1320.00        Angel Rae Miller on Chics Mishap                       
   8th 16.000 $990.00         Megan McLeod-Sprague on Smooth Dash Ta Fame    
   9th 16.001 $660.00         Raelyn Robinson on JR Special Lane             
  10th 16.014 $330.00         Ashley Schafer on French StreakinTwist         
  11th 16.025                 Kali Jo Parker on HighFlying Lucky Guy         
Tie    16.025                 Shelly McAdams on Streakin In Diamonds         
  13th 16.055                 Andre Coelho on Jesse Famous Moon              
  14th 16.086                 Christine Derenzo on Heza Fiery Fling          
  15th 16.109                 Suzann Bene on MajorAttitudeTaFame             
  16th 16.137                 Shey Walchli on Letta Girl Jet                 
  17th 16.157                 Jade Crago on High Road Ta Fame                
  18th 16.162                 Lacey Morse on Maples American                 
  19th 16.223                 Troy Crumrine on Blazin Boss                   
  20th 16.228                 Jaycee Fausett on Lane O Lena                  
Tie    16.228                 Taylor Hildreth on SadiesMakinMoney            
  22nd 16.250                 Joao Leao on Flos Hush Money                   
  23rd 16.255                 Amber West on WR Wild Irish Fling              
  24th 16.273                 McKale Hadley on Bellas Bag of Bones           
  25th 16.287                 CJ Vondette on Chasing Time Design             
  26th 16.291                 Margaret Jones on Pays To Be Smooth            
  27th 16.306                 Calley Worth on Guys French Lily               
  28th 16.328                 Craig Stritzke on Zipang                       
  29th 16.359                 Sheena Hanson on Slick Designer                
  30th 16.420                 Jodi Edwards on Guards Smooth Slidin           
  31st 16.429                 Brandon Stokes on Irish Geronimo               
  32nd 16.463                 Kalena Webb on Blazin Summer Shandy            
  33rd 16.473                 Kali Jo Parker on Dashin In The Lane           
  34th 16.524                 Allie Shields on French Ivory Guy              
  35th 16.549                 Jolene Montgomery on Eye Want It All           
  36th 16.560                 Janesa Lange on A Smooth Movin Lucy            
  37th 16.565                 DeAnn Morgan on Paid For A Fling               
  38th 16.573                 Teresa Peterson on DTF Peponi                  
  39th 16.599                 Shyann Lucas on Astreakinmerridoc              
  40th 16.620                 Michelle Myers on Nickel N Diamonds            
  41st 16.634                 Tilly Jenski on Don't Need No Chrome           
  42nd 16.639                 Craig Stritzke on DTF Moonlight Martha         
  43rd 16.673                 Siterra Magee on Gators Sexy Diamonds          
  44th 16.692                 Cami Bussmus on Boondox Dusty Rose             
  45th 16.783                 Wendie Scheidle on Slick French Mimosa         
  46th 16.858                 Bonnie Blain on Tres 777                       
  47th 16.880                 Stephanie Newman on Famous Golden Angel        
  48th 16.962                 Nikki Singler on My Daddys Slick               
  49th 17.197                 Vauna Walker on RV Ebony Design                
  50th 17.845                 Teresa Morrell on SureNuff Ima Gator           
  51st 25.104                 Michele McLeod on Makana                       
N/T    999.000                Sydni Blanchard on SB Ima Slick Victory        
N/T    999.000                Josie Hales on JH Lil Lane                     
N/T    999.000                Jordan Dove on Just A Guy With Cash            
N/T    999.000                Vauna Walker on CBC Speeding Goodbye           
N/T    999.000                Valee Miller on Covergirl Fame                 
N/T    999.000                Billie Ann Harmon on Me Flingin Diamonds                        
N/T    999.000                Fonda Melby on RF Chrome In Black              
N/T    999.000                Janna Brown on Spark N Lion                    
N/T    999.000                Craig Stritzke on DTF Try To Catch Me          
N/T    999.000                Desirae Wheeler on TM Flashy Pebbles           
N/T    999.000                Taylor Hildreth on Lil French Streak           
N/T    999.000                Jolene Montgomery on KN This Guys Streakin     
N/T    999.000                Michele McLeod on My Famous Remedy             
N/T    999.000                Kallee Munns on Goodbye Tax Man                
N/T    999.000                Lainee Sampson on She Pays The Piper           
N/T    999.000                Janna Brown on Jets Top Gun                    
N/T    999.000                Marcie Wilson on MJ Night Train Lane           
N/T    999.000                Marcie Wilson on MJ Lola Lane                  
N/T    999.000                Cody Bauserman on Aint God Good                
N/T    999.000                Jana Thornton on Smart Lil Streak              
N/T    999.000                Kelly Bowser on Mary Jane Slick                
N/T    999.000                Jackie Young on LS MR Goodbye Banjo            
N/T    999.000                Shelly McAdams on NSM Bullet Proof             
N/T    999.000                Molly Otto on No Lion Shes Flying              
N/T    999.000                Stevi Hillman on DTF Texas Moon 

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