Royal Crown Race

Royal Crown Race & Incentive Program

The Royal Crown is owned 100% by the share owners who all have a say.

Main Events for 2021:

Feb 11-14 ~ Bryan, TX $75K Added Breeders Futurity, Derby, Open Race and Breakaway

Aug 10-15 ~ Rock Springs, WY Added Breeders Futurity, Derby, Open Race and Team Roping

Events and $$ listed is minimum. Stay tuned to this website and our Facebook pages for additional info.

Royal Crown Race and Breeders Incentive Program

The Royal Crown is a breeders’ incentive owned by the share holders (stallion owners or investors*)

Enrollment $12,500 per year for Barrels and Roping / $6,250 for Roping Only

This incentive is designed to benefit the industry by giving back a substantial amount to the shareholders and breeders.

Stallion and breeder money is split 50/50 to give mare owners more of an incentive to breed to Royal Crown Stallions. *Investors may enroll a stallion not owned by them and they are shareholders with the same earning potential as vested stallion owner.

The Royal Crown is owned 100% by the shareholders who ALL have a say.

No Nomination Fee For Foals

Stallion Enrollments: $12,500 for Barrels and Roping / $6,250 for Roping Only

The Royal Crown Race is a futurity that is 100% PAYBACK, 5 & under futurity, 2D futurity with no annual nomination fees or hidden fees, with all entry fee money being paid out.

Our First Annual Race was held August 4-9, 2020 in Rock Springs, WY.

We sincerely appreciate each and everyone who attended and hope to see you next year - August 10-15, 2021

2020 Results w/ Videos
Royal Crown Futurity 1D Average Winners

Futurity 1D Average Winners

1. $21,600 Kelsey Treharne on VF Eddies Alive by Eddie Stinson, 2. $19,440 Anita Ellis on RV Two Dash Ta Vegas by FrenchStreaktovegas, 3. $17,280 Kelsey Treharne on VF Cream Rises by Eddie Stinson, 4. $15,120 Molly Otto on Teasin Dat Guy by Frenchmans Guy, 5. $12,960 Desirae Wheeler on Imchocojinglejangle by A Chocolate Fury, 6. $10,800 Timi Lickley on Shawne Streakin Jet by A Streak of Fling, 7. $ 8,640 Lindsey Mcleod on In the Nick of Time by Blazin Jetolena, 8. $ 6,480 Jolene Montgomery on Famous Sierra by JL Dash Ta Heaven, 9. $ 4,320 Vauna Walker on Goodbye Lane Seis by The Goodbye Lane, 10. $ 2,160 Ashley Schaefer on Boonsstreakincolours by Streakin Boon Dox

2D Avg. Winners

1. $ 5,400 Kyndal Schley on Aintseennaughtyyet by Aint Seen Nothin Yet, 2. $ 4,860 McKale Hadley on Bellas Bag of Bones by The Goodbye Lane, 3. $ 4,320 Victoria Netzer on Paint Her Smooth by A Smooth Guy, 4. $ 3,780 Smooth Dash Ta Fame by A Smooth Guy, 5/6. $ 2,970 Troy Crumrine on Blazin Boss by Blazin Jetolena, $ 2,970 Who Robbed Vegas by French Streaktovegas, 7. $ 2,160 Suzann Bene on Majorattitudetafame by Dash Ta Fame, 8. $ 1,620 Raelyn Robinson on Jr Special Lane by The Goodbye Lane, 9. $ 1,080 Angel Rae Miller on Chics Mishap by Guys Canyon Moon, 10. $ 540 Jade Crago on High Road Ta Fame by Dash Ta Fame

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